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At Taconic Pharmacy, our mission is simple, give the customer unbeatable service at the best possible price. We have some of the most competitive prices in the area and offer a vast inventory of prescriptions drugs and surgical supplies.

Our staff of pharmacists and technicians all have many years of experience and are always available to answer your questions. We pride ourselves on spending time with our customers to explain side effects, indications for use, proper storage, drug interactions, and other important facts about your medications. However, we realize your time is important and that is why we fill prescriptions "while you wait."

We offer a seven day a week free delivery service. If you have a sick child and can't leave the house or are elderly and can't get to the pharmacy we will send our delivery driver to your house and pick up the prescription, fill it at the pharmacy and deliver the medication to your doorstep. Our delivery service is not limited to prescriptions; we also deliver over the counter medications, surgical items, and many other items throughout our store.

We offer a wide array of compounding services. Our master compounding pharmacists have made thousands of prescriptions for all types of uses in humans and animals. We also offer sterile compounding. Whether you need a thyroid medication for your dog, sterile eye drops for grandma or infertility drugs for yourself we are the pharmacy to call.

Taconic Pharmacy is a Fully Accredited Facility. This means that we can work directly with Medicare and your secondary insurance to provide surgical supplies at little or no cost to you. We have a pharmacist on staff devoted just to billing Medicare and Medicaid.

We stand behind every product we sell with a strong warranty. We service and repair every surgical item we sell. Please visit the “Surgical Supplies” page on our website to see a list of some of the surgical items we sell.

Taconic Pharmacy is not just strictly a pharmacy and surgical supply store. We carry a whole host of over the counter medications, health and beauty aids, toys, candy, gifts, cosmetics, vitamins, and much much more.

If you are looking for a pharmacy that has a familiar pharmacist every time you visit, accepts your insurance, offers free delivery, offers surgical supplies, offers compounding services, a full line of over the counter products, and very competitive prices, we are the pharmacy for you. Call us today!

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