A Common Misconception is Bigger Pharmacy Chains Have Cheaper Prices---WRONG!!!

Taconic Pharmacy's prescription and over-the-counter prices are some of the most competitive prices in the area. Shop us today and you will see! 

     The best way you can save money on your prescriptions is to take generic medications. Many brand name drugs are not "preferred" on your insurance plan and can trigger high copays or may not be covered at all. We, at Taconic Pharmacy, understand the financial hardship this causes for our patients. All of our pharmacists are committed to spending time with you to discuss the generic alternatives to your brand name medications.  
     Many of you also have insurance coverage that forces you to mail away for your prescriptions. We believe this practice is wrong. No one should be forced to mail their prescriptions away and lose the personal connection with their neighborhood pharmacist. In response to this tremendous problem we have developed a discount program in conjunction with our buying group HealthMart. The program is called My Prescription Savings Card This discount program has nothing to do with your insurance plan. It is a separate savings club that you can join. There are over 200 commonly used generic medications that are part of the program. The prices for these select generic medications are based on whether it is a 30-Day supply or a 90-Day supply and its price level:


$ 5.00 FOR A 30-DAY SUPPLY

$ 14.00 FOR A 90-DAY SUPPLY


$ 10.00 FOR A 30-DAY SUPPLY

$ 24.00 FOR A 90-DAY SUPPLY


$ 15.00 FOR A 30-DAY SUPPLY

$ 35.00 FOR A 90-DAY SUPPLY



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