• Mobility Equipment  
               Cane and Crutch Tips 
           Three Wheel Walker       
           Transport/companion chairs
  • Compression Garments 
               Arm Sleeves         
           Knee high stockings*
           Thigh High Stockings*
    *Available in various compressions

  • Bathroom Safety Equipment

           Assorted cleansing aids(sponges,bath towelettes, etc.)
           Bath seats 

           Bath/shower bars
           Free standing commodes  
           Hand held shower heads
           Raised toilet seats
           Safety frames
           Transfer benches

  •  Orthopedic supports and braces

           Abdominal binders

           Aircast ankle braces

           Cam walkers
           Carpal tunnel splints

           Cervical collars

           Finger splints

           Knee and ankle supports

           Lumbo-sacral back supports
           PFS night splints
           Waterproof cast and bandage protectors

  • Bedroom Safety Equipment 

               Bedside assistance rails
           Bedside shampoo kits

           Bed wedges

           Full homestyle bed rails
           Leg elevators
           Over the bed tables
           Washable underpads
           Waterproof sheeting

  • Full line of footcare products

          Corn and callous pads and cushions
          Diabetic socks
          Spenco insoles and orthotics
          Visco-gel heel spur cushions

  • Pulmonary/Breathing Aids 

         Nebulizers- We offer short term and long term rentals, as well as, sales. We feature nebulizers from Devilbiss and Pari. We have units for travel and home use. We carry all of the filters, tubing and nebulizer replacement kits.

         Aerochamber with or w/o mask, Inspirease units and opti-chambers to assist with your hand held prescription inhalers.
         We aslo carry Peak-Flow meters and incentive spirometers, and pulse oximeters.

  • Breast Feeding Equipment

          Medela Symphony hospital grade double Breast Pumps for rental, we also have retail models available for purchase, as well as, all Medela accessories. 

  • Physical Therapy Aids

          Exercise Pulley Set

          Heating pads   
          Hip Kits
          Hot and cold gel packs
          Overdoor Cervical Tractions sets


          Sock Aid
          TENS Units

          Theraband exercise bands
          Therapy Putty

  • Cushioning and Pressure Relief

          Alternating pressure pads

          Blanket supports

          Cotton stockinette

          Coccyx cushions 

          Eggcrate chair and wheelchair cushions 

          Eggcrate mattress pads
          Foam and gel foam wheelchair/chair cushions

          Foam and inflatable invalid cushions
          Heel protectors

All of the items we sell are completely warranteed.

We adjust, service and repair everything we sell. 

We accept Medicaid, Medicare and will assist you in filling out any insurance reimbursement forms. 

   If you are renting or purchasing a surgical supply item from Taconic Pharmacy and you would like us to bill Medicare Part B, please print out the form below and bring it into our store with your prescription so we can get the process started as quickly as possible. Please click the link below:  

Surgical Supply Forms 


   Our Home Healthcare Experts are more than happy to discuss your home health needs and address any of your concerns. Call us at

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